Potty poems, toilet poetry, washroom rhymes, funny urinal ditties, farting comedy text and humorous passing gas lyrics for some reading material.


Potty Poems and Toilet Poetry

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  1. Mall runs
    -Lots of people go mall walking, but you never want the runs in a mall. It's much more embarrassing and not very aerobic.
  2. Artsy fartsy
    -A nursery rhyme for a twisted mind
  3. Courtesy flush
    -You are the author of your own fate
  4. False alarm
    -Why you shouldn't panic too soon when confronted by bad bowels.
  5. Crappy writers
    -Is a fart poem automatically crappy?
  6. A toilet is
    -A porcelain potty is particularly ponderous.
  7. What is a fart?
    -Men love them, and women avoid them. But we all do it. So get used to it.
  8. The talking toilet
    -A poem written by one of our visitors with a toilets point of view
  9. .Toilet Brush
    -A clean poem about cleaning the unclean.
  10. Quick, short potty poems
    -Poems that are only a few lines and that are submitted.
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